How to promote your Facebook Page

5 Easy Ways to get more Likes for your facebook page

promote your business and ge more likes for your facebook page

Get more Likes for your Facebook Page

Learn How to get more likes for your facebook page. A Facebook Page is a great tool to promote your business. You can keep your customers updated about your services and offers, engage your target group and build an online community. But no matter how amazing your posts are, your Facebook Page won’t do any good if nobody looks at it. That is why it important to get people to like your page. Here are five ways to attract more Traffic And get More likes for your facebook page.

Invite Your Friends

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Invite your friends to get more likes for your Facebook page.

Connect your Business Page with your personal account. If you already have a personal page, simply create your Business Page from there. Go to the top right of your Facebook Page and click on the little arrow. On the drop down menu choose create page and voila, start posting! Once your page is ready to go, click on the three dots next to the share button in the right bottom corner of your header. Sometimes you directly can invite friends from your personal Facebook page, sometimes Facebook lets you suggest the page. Don’t ask me why, it seems to change every time I go on there. If you click on suggest, you can import contacts from your other email and mailing lists. Start spreading the word and get more likes for your Facebook Page!

Post in Groups

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Posting in Groups will get you more likes for your facebook page.

Once you have exhausted your personal contacts or want to increase the reach of your website to get more likes for you facebook page start joining groups, which are relevant for your business. Facebook offers to find groups for you, the button for that is in the same drop down menu as the create page one. More often than not Facebook won’t offer any or many suggestions. In this case simply use the search box to find groups. You might have to play around a little bit with the wording to be successful. Try: Groups named „your search term“, „your search term“ group(s). For ContentMatch I also simply used the search terms „writer“, „writers“, „blog“, „blogging“, „blogger“, „small business“, „local business“. Some groups require an invitation. But don’t worry, if you are relevant to the group, you will be accepted fast. The more people are in one group, the better it is for the whole community!

Likes for Likes

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Likes4Likes is likely to get your more likes for your facebook page!

Well, this is a sure way to get more likes for your facebook page, but it also can be a little bit exhausting. You can use the hashtags „LikeforLike“, „LikesforLikes“ or „like4like“ to encourage a Like-Swap for your page or post. Each like requires you to like something back. Many groups also set up Like-Swaps, especially at the end of the month, when everyone wants to reach their goal. The rules are sometimes long and the admins are strict. So make sure, to like everyone back. I just tried it out for the first time this month and I got swamped with Facebook notifications. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. The group Like-swap was really time-intensive and I am not sure, if it is really worth it.

Promote your Page on Facebook

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A Facebook Ad will reach customers beyond your own circles to get you more likes for you facebook page.

A Facebook Ad will reach customers beyond your own circles and help to get you more likes for your facebook page. To safe myself some time, I decided to boost my page with a Facebook Ad. They are easy to create. You can access the FB Ad-builder from the top right of your page, same drop down menu as create page and groups. Facebook gives you different options, which increase depending on how much you spend. I tried two days for five dollars each and got 3770 impressions reaching 3360 people. On the first day I spent $3.42, on the second day 5$ and than Facebook kept the ad running for another day until there was no more money for it on my account.

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Be creative and have fun with your social media marketing!

My favorite “marketing tool” so far is a challenge I came up with to motivate myself. I simply set up an Instagram account and challenged myself to reach two goals. Which one will I reach first? 200 Facebook Page Likes or holding a freestanding handstand? Be creative to get more likes for your facebook page, challenge your customers, add some incentives and/or giveaways and promote your page brick and mortar, make postcards, posters, add a Facebook Like bottom on your other webpage, your blog and in your email signature.