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ContentMatch is a Web hub, which connects businesses like yours with freelance writers who care. While there are plenty of bloggers and freelance writers out there, it is often not easy to find that one writer who can catch the attention of your target group.
Sure, you can start searching the blogger scene, you can ask for bids on one of the online marketplaces for freelance writers, but no matter what, your success will basically be based on your own good luck – or the time you invest in researching the right candidate, which can be quite an investment.


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What Makes Our Freelance Writers Authentic?

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Find the perfect freelance writer with ContentMatch.

On ContentMatch we like to get personal. We want you to get to know your writer and not just how much they would charge for a certain amount of words. That said, we want our writers to get paid fairly, but we also want you to get your money’s worth.

Our mission is to offer a marketplace for freelance writers who know and love what they are doing. The reason is simple: If you love what you do, you will do an amazing job. That is just how we humans work and it will also work for you and your business.

Search our network of freelance writers

As more and more people sign up, the selection of categories will grow. You will be able to search a worldwide network of freelance writers and other content providers, by location, language, experience, skills and interests. We strive to find the perfect ContentMatch for you!

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Freelance writers are authentic when they share what they care about.

When freelancers sign up with us, we ask them not only to provide their experience level and standard resume (plus links to their web presence), we want to know what drives them. Are they interested in sports, in design, in nature, are they history buffs, music fans, bookworms or movie lovers? Do they run, bike or swim in their spare time or do they love to figure out how things work. Our writers might be gamers, dog lovers or treehouse builders, you just have to do the math and figure out which of our categories would match your business best.

What would your target group be interested in?

If you own a bike shop you naturally would want to hire someone who rides street races, as a dog boutique you should go with an animal lover and if you want to find business for your landscaping company, why not look for someone interested in aesthetics or nature. Sometimes the choice will be easy; sometimes you might want to think for a second. What would your target group be interested in? Who do you want to reach? Use your imagination to create your perfect customers and think about who they would want to listen to.