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Without text and content the Internet would be pretty empty and without writers and content providers like you, we wouldn’t be able to exist. But this is not the only reason, why we want you to be part of ContentMatch.


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Do what you love: Freelance writers are authentic when they share what they care about.

ContentMatch is the first and only WebHub who strives to connect businesses and content providers based on their interest, based on what they love to do. We at ContentMatch believe, that you are best at what you truly enjoy to do. We want to help you to find those dream jobs out there. We want to connect you with just the right business or publication who is looking for a freelancer exactly like you.


We see ourselves less as a job search engine or plain marketplace for freelancers; we want to help build long-lasting partnerships. And we want to enable you to write about the topics you care about. It is very simple.


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Sign up, fill out the form and start building your profile. Tell us about your experience and expertise and check the boxes next to the topics you are interested in. Do you love the outdoors? Do you like to bike, run, travel? Are you into books, music or movies? Do you love to cook or to garden? Do your friends compliment your style? Are you an amazing educator or parent? Do you spend your weekends at art openings or do you love to discuss politics? Whether you are into social media or meditation, we want you to enable to share your knowledge and to get your fair share when you write about it.


Businesses will be able to select a writer based on the topics they are interested in. Once they make their choice, they will get connected to the writer(s) whose interests match their business best. It’s easy.


Tell us what you love to do and start building your profile. It shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes. You are just a click away to do what you love!

Tell us what you love to do – and you are just a click away to do what you love!